233 (Breeskin 260)
The Conversation
Alternate title(s): Conservation; La conversation; Les deux soeurs; Les soeurs; The Conversation (Two Sisters); The Sisters; The Two Sisters; Two Sisters
Pastel on paper
25 1/2 x 32 in. (64.77 x 81.28 cm)
Inscribed lower left: Mary Cassatt
Last known when sold at Christie's, New York, 1988

provenance / ownership history
From the artist
to Durand-Ruel, Paris, December 17, 1896 (Paris stock #3982, Paris photo #845)
to Durand-Ruel, New York, January 14, 1898 (N.Y. stock #1949)
to Frances Canby (Mrs. Clement Acton) Griscom, Haverford, Pennsylvania, June 10, 1898
consigned by the estate of Clement A. Griscom to American Art Galleries, New York, February 26--27, 1914, #55, ill., as The Sisters
to Durand-Ruel, New York, until at least 1947
Palais Galliéra, Paris, December 10--11, 1962, #151, ill., as Les deux soeurs
Christie's, New York, June 1, 1984, #185, ill.
to Myron Kunin, the Regis Collection, Minneapolis, Minnesota
to Christie's, New York, May 11, 1988, #13, ill.

exhibition history
1898 St Botolph Boston: #6, as La conversation
1917 Durand-Ruel NY: #6, as Les deux soeurs
1919 Pennsylvania Academy: #440, ill., as Two Sisters
1923b Durand-Ruel NY: #3, as Les deux soeurs
1924 Durand-Ruel NY: #22, as Les deux soeurs
1926a Durand-Ruel NY: #7, as Les deux soeurs
1931 McClees PA: #20, as Les deux soeurs
1932 Durand-Ruel NY: #12, as Les deux soeurs
1933--34 City Art St Louis: #14, as The Two Sisters, lent by Durand-Ruel
1935a Durand-Ruel NY: #15, as The Two Sisters
1935b Durand-Ruel NY: #16, as Les deux soeurs
1941--42 Baltimore Museum: #35, as Two Sisters, lent by Durand-Ruel, N.Y.
1947 Wildenstein NY: #30, ill., as Two Sisters, lent by Durand-Ruel
1987 Hirschl & Adler NY: #39, ill., as The Conversation, lent by the Regis Collection

published references
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Clement A. Griscom (1841–1912) co-founded the International Mercantile Marine Company, and was best known as the owner of the White Star Line and its ship the RMS Titanic. Though Griscom was chairman of the board of directors of the IMMC when the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912, his New York Times obituary stated, "He had been ill for the past year, and had taken practically no part in the management of the company."[1]


[1] "Griscom, Founder of Ship Trust, Dead," New York Times, November 11, 1912, p. 11.

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