289 (Breeskin 273)
Alternate title(s): Adoration (Coming Out of the Bath); After the Bath; Getting Out of the Bath; Leaving the Bath; La sortie du bain; La toilette; Mère et enfant; Mother and Child; Sortie du bain; The Adoration
Pastel on paper
28 x 20 1/2 in. (71.12 x 52.07 cm)
Inscribed lower right: Mary Cassatt
Last known with Edna and Mickey Weiss, Los Angeles, California, 1991

provenance / ownership history
From the artist
to Durand-Ruel, Paris, November 24, 1898 (Paris stock #4819, Paris photo #1107)
to Durand-Ruel, New York, January 24, 1899 (N.Y. stock #2074)
to Durand-Ruel, Paris, March 16, 1910 (Paris stock #9269)
to Durand-Ruel, New York, January 1926 (N.Y. stock #4915, N.Y. photo #A1904), until at least 1948
Wildenstein & Co., New York, by 1967
to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Newberger, Dallas, Texas, 1968
Wildenstein & Co., New York
to Edna and Mickey Weiss, Los Angeles, California, March 1988

exhibition history
1899 Woman's Art Club NY: #10, as Toilette, lent by Messrs. Durand-Ruel
1903 Durand-Ruel NY: #22, as La toilette
1912 Manzi Paris: #87, as La toilette
1919 Musée du Luxembourg: #58, ill., as Mother and Child
1926a Durand-Ruel NY: #17, as La sortie du bain
1927 Penn Museum: #1, ill., as After the Bath
1941--42 Baltimore Museum: #28, as Adoration, lent by Durand-Ruel, N.Y.
1991 LACMA: no #, ill., as Adoration (Coming Out of the Bath), lent by Edna and Mickey Weiss

published references
NY Evening Post 1903: p. 7, as La toilette
NY Globe 1906: p. 10, as La toilette
NY Herald 1907: p. 3, ill., as La sortie du bain
Segard 1913: following p. 84, ill., as La sortie du bain
Cary 1914: p. 153, ill., as After the Bath (fragment)
Bénédite 1919: following p. 200, ill., as Mère et enfant
Fontainas and Vauxcelles 1922: p. 314, ill., as La sortie du bain
Art News 1926j: p. 8, ill., as Sortie du bain
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Monro and Monro 1948: p. 126, as La sortie du bain
Meadmore 1963: p. 189, as Sortie du bain
Yeh 1976: p. 363, as Getting Out of the Bath
Lindsay 1985: p. 93, as After the Bath or Adoration
Dillon 1990: p. 72, as The Adoration


Maurice "Mickey" Weiss (1914–1996) helped his father turn their Los Angeles produce business into a highly successful enterprise, earning himself the nickname "the mushroom king" in the process. In 1987, Weiss intended to retire. Instead, he established a program to distribute edible but not sellable produce to organizations that provide food to those in need. In 1989, President George Bush bestowed an End Hunger Award upon Weiss for his efforts.


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