565 (Breeskin 526)
Bust of Françoise Looking Forward
Alternate title(s): Buste de fillette; Fillette; Portrait of a Little Girl
c. 1909
Oil on canvas
18 1/8 x 15 in. (46.04 x 38.1 cm)
Inscribed upper right: Mary Cassatt
Last known in a private collection, 1985

provenance / ownership history
Durand-Ruel, Paris, c. January 1910 (Paris stock #9213, Paris photo #6700), probably from the artist
to Durand-Ruel, New York, c. April 1920, until at least 1927 (N.Y. stock #4436)
private collection, Switzerland
Palais Galliéra, Paris, June 19, 1962, #12, ill., as Buste de fillette
International Galleries, Chicago, Illinois, by 1965
possibly with Beilen Gallery, New York, by 1968
Parke-Bernet, New York, November 20, 1968, #39, ill., as Fillette
Bernard Danenberg Galleries, New York, by 1968
private collection, by 1985

exhibition history
1914 Durand-Ruel Paris: #9, as Buste de fillette
1920 Durand-Ruel NY: #6, as Buste de fillette
1922a Carnegie Institute: #25, as ?Portrait of a Little Girl
1923b Durand-Ruel NY: #15, as Buste de fillette
1965 International Galleries Chicago: #14, ill., as Fillette
1969 Danenberg NY: #1, cover, ill., as Buste de fillette
1985 Nassau NY: no #, as Buste de fillette

published references
Sherrill 1985: p. 56, ill., as Buste de fillette


A photograph of Bust of Françoise Looking Forward found in Adelyn Dohme Breeskin's files is annotated by an unknown hand with the information that this work was with "Belin Gallery, NYC" in January 1968. This likely refers to Beilin Gallery, New York.


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