66 (Breeskin 60)
Young Woman Gazing to Left, Resting Her Head on Her Gloved Hand
Alternate title(s): Dans la loge; In the Loge
c. 1878--79
Pastel on paper
22 3/8 x 17 5/8 in. (56.83 x 44.77 cm)
Private collection

provenance / ownership history
Ambroise Vollard, Paris
Edouard Jonas, New York and Paris
to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Slatkin, New York, by 1964
to their daughter Carole Slatkin, New York, by 1969, until at least 1978
private collection

exhibition history
1964 Slatkin Galleries NY: no #, ill., as Dans la loge
1966 Public Ed NY: #4, ill., as In the Loge, lent by Charles E. Slatkin Galleries
1978 Nat Collection DC: #1, as Young Woman Gazing to the Left, Resting Her Head on Her Gloved Hand, lent by Carole Slatkin

published references
no known literary references


Counterproofs after this work exist.

Dealer and collector Edouard Jonas (1883–1961) served as the executor of the estate of Lucien Vollard (Ambroise Vollard's brother) and was also the first director of the Musée Conacq-Jay in Paris.

The Slatkins owned Charles E. Slatkin Inc. Galleries in New York City during the 1950s and 1960s; this pastel was part of their private collection.


Young Woman Gazing to Left, Resting Her Head on Her Gloved Hand, c.1901, pastel counterproof on Japan paper, ? in. (? cm). (Photograph provided by Adelson Galleries, New York, N.Y.) [view all counterproofs]
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