91 (Breeskin 88)
A Goodnight Hug
Alternate title(s): Caresse maternelle; Mère et enfant; Mère et enfant (Mother and Baby); Mother and Baby
Pastel on paper
16 1/2 x 24 in. (41.91 x 60.96 cm)
Inscribed lower right: Mary Cassatt
Last known when offered at Christie's, New York, 1984

provenance / ownership history
Durand-Ruel, Paris, c. 1919--20
Durand-Ruel family
to Sam Salz, New York
to Stephen R. and Audrey Currier, The Plains, Virginia, by 1966
consigned by the estate of Stephen R. Currier and Audrey Currier to Christie's, New York, June 1, 1984, #165, ill.

exhibition history
1881 Impressionist Exh: #8, as Mère et enfant
1924 Durand-Ruel Paris: #30, as Caresse maternelle
1931 McClees PA: #21, as Caresse maternelle
1932 Durand-Ruel NY: #15, as Caresse maternelle
1941 Montclair Museum: #9, as Caresse maternelle, lent by Durand-Ruel [or B-262]
1953 Marlborough London: #16, as Caresse maternelle
1978 Nat Collection DC: #4, as A Goodnight Hug, lent by private collection

published references
de Montagnac 1881: p. 361 in Berson, as Mère et enfant
France nouvelle 1881: p. 356 in Berson, as "un duo de mère et de bébé qui font rêver"
Goetschy 1881: p. 344 in Berson, as "mère et son enfant se tenant enlacés"
Hoschedé 1881: p. 348n in Berson, as "jeune mère embrassant son baby"
NY Evening Post 1881: p. 4, as Mère et enfant
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Emily Amelia Hoe Lawrence (1834–1909) was the wife of Cyrus J. Lawrence (1832–1908) of the Wall Street investment banking firm Cyrus J. Lawrence & Sons. (As a young man, Joseph H. Hirshhorn worked for the firm.) Mrs. Lawrence and her grandson R. Lawrence Oakley sat for Cassatt in 1898; the resulting portrait is Grandmother and Grandson, now in the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts.


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