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Ukers 1935 View the mentioned work(s)
Ukers, William H. All About Tea. New York: Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, 1935.
UNESCO 1952 View the mentioned work(s)
Catalogue of Color Reproductions of Paintings---1860--1952. Paris: UNESCO, 1952.
Utrillo 1907a View the mentioned work(s)
Utrillo, M[iquel]. "La V.me. exposition internationale des Beaux-Arts, de Barcelone; V. exposici├│n de Bellas-Artes, Celebrada en Barcelona." Forma 2 (1907), pp. 47-50, 281--301.
Utrillo 1907b View the mentioned work(s)
Utrillo, M[iquel]. "La pintura. V. exposici├│n internacional de arte de Barcelona." Forma 2 (1907), pp. 325--60.
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